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Fort Oglethorpe Real Estate Location – Location – Location!

Location – Location – Location!

Right here at the northwest corner of Georgia, Fort Oglethorpe is part of the 425,000 population of metropolitan Chattanooga, TN. Sitting about 5 minutes outside of Chattanooga proper and only 90 minutes from Atlanta, Fort Oglethorpe has about 10,000 residents and a dream location!

As your Fort Oglethorpe Real Estate Guide, it really is all about location! Here in the nook of scenic awesomeness, you will find the perfect blend of a progressive city and outdoor activities.

History of Fort Oglethorpe

Oodles of history in this part of the country, Civil War and post war activities framed the south, with Fort Oglethorpe being named after James Oglethorpe, the founder of the Colony of Georgia. The city is the entrance to the Chickamauga National Military Park, the oldest and largest Civil War military park in America. Adjoining is the Chattanooga National Military Park. Visiting this duo National Park will provide incredible information and history about both the people and the events that took place here. History unfolds right before you as you explore trails, rock climb, picnic, kayak, bike, and just breathe in the pristine air.

Kind of related to weather, the views! Really, it is like the whole area is bedazzled with amazing nature and views from the mountain tops to the banks of rivers. Beauty abounds.

Living in Fort Oglethorpe

As your Fort Oglethorpe real estate guide, the best part of living here – Cost of Living! The index for Fort Oglethorpe runs about 82. Pack your belongings and get ready to call this home! The biggest factor in the terrific cost of living here is housing. The median home price in the area is about $235K, with all price points available.

The next best thing about living here is the weather! With mountains, rivers, foliage, and scenery to rival anywhere – the changing of the seasons is incredible. Put that with very mild winters, you have an opportunity to enjoy the area all year-round. Your Fort Oglethorpe real estate guide really loves to boast about the lack of snowfall here! Sometimes we will get a dusting, but usually flurries do not even “stick”, we just get the “pretty” and not the mess of snow.

Economics and Education

Fort Oglethorpe is part of the Catoosa County Public School System. Focus is placed on preparing students for both current and future success, accountability, and reaching full potential. In the metro area there are a bevy of private schools available as well.

Higher education abounds within just miles of the area. Examples include: Emory University, Georgia State, and University of Tennessee-Chattanooga.

The economy here is booming! The area is bursting with job and career opportunities. Chattanooga is the headquarters for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, many logistics companies have offices in the area, and Volkswagen is going to produce their electric cars here. It is a prideful component of the Fort Oglethorpe real estate guide to be able to say our economy is on full throttle!

Experience and Explore

Life is all about experiences – and exploration – and your Fort Oglethorpe real estate guide can think of no better place to do this than right here!

A big benefit of small-town life with city amenities exists here – all things Chattanooga are at your fingertips. Your Fort Oglethorpe real estate guide also loves a good day trip … here are some easy-to-reach places with oodles to do: Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, and Birmingham!

Make a list of what you love to do and what your “must have” items are for a home – give us a call or drop an email, we are ready to take you on a tour of the area and homes that match your wishes! Thank you for reading your Fort Oglethorpe Real Estate Guide!