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Harrison Real Estate

Harrison was previously known as Vann Town, named after ferry operator James Vann. The name was changed in 1840 to memorialize the 9th president of the United States, William Henry Harrison.

The beauty of Harrison, and neighboring Harrison Bay State Park, were partially constructed as the result of a 1940 flood after the construction of the Chickamauga Dam. A large portion of the town was covered in water and that area is now considered to be part of nearby Harrison Bay State Park.

Harrison is centrally located in Hamilton County and sits at the extreme southeast corner of Tennessee, right along the Georgia border, along Interstate 75. Your Harrison Real Estate Guide enjoys touting both of infrastructure/highways and the natural beauty of this area. A big positive is Harrison is about 25 minutes from downtown Chattanooga (yes, think of all the options for city amenities) and about 110 miles northeast of Atlanta (yep, now you have BIG city amenities, too!). Worth mention – Harrison is at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and all things mountains, streams, trails, nature.

For a population of about 8000, and part of the greater Chattanooga metropolitan area (population of about 500,000) – both Harrison and Chattanooga pack a big bang for their size.

Harrison Real Estate Guide – Local Lifestyle

Your Harrison Real Estate Guide enjoys touring both Harrison and nearby areas – especially focus is well-played on the Cost of Living for here, coming in around 90! A median home price in Harrison is about $315K currently. Various price points are in the area and a couple of the best neighborhoods include Lakeshore Estates and Harbour Woods. You may need to be patient to find a home for sale in Harrison.

Nearby Harrison Bay State Park is an outdoor-lover’s paradise with camping, fishing, boating, golfing, picnicking, biking/hiking, and all things outdoors. The state park is about 1200 acres chock-full of beauty and places to explore, learn, and enjoy.

Chickamauga Lake and Skull Island are popular venues for all types of water sports and activities and are nestled in a beautifully forested atmosphere.

Maybe we’ve mentioned the love of outdoors here in the area, and your Harrison Real Estate Guide has more offerings to list:

Life Necessities in Harrison

Education ranks right up there with a reason to move to Harrison – part of the Hamilton County School District – a strong and innovative district with focus on the following areas:

Opportunities for private and parochial education are available in the metro Chattanooga area as well. For furthering education, various community colleges, trade schools, and universities and colleges are within easy reach. It is good to point out that Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, and Knoxville are also just “day trip” distance from Harrison/Chattanooga.

For shopping – several local stores are in the area, but for more detailed shopping you may find neighboring towns/suburbs and Chattanooga itself offering more variety.

Some local restaurants serve up great cuisine. Here are a couple of your Harrison Real Estate Guide’s “go-to” places:

  • Dockside Care – waterfront with a diverse menu – pull up via car or boat and enjoy!
  • Fresh Burger Grill – “fresh” is the key here – fresh meat, all fresh ingredients – YUM!

Now might be a good time to play the Harrison Real Estate Guide “ace in the hole” cards – two major perks of living here in Harrison, or really, anywhere in the vicinity:

  • The Climate! Mild winters, long summer season with perfect spring and fall bookends.
  • NO STATE INCOME TAX! Yes, you read that correctly! One less form to file and check to write come April 15th.