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Lookout Mountain Real Estate

There is Lookout Mountain, GA and Lookout Mountain, TN! The sister cities straddle the state lines of Georgia and Tennessee and are considered part of the greater metropolitan area of Chattanooga. The population on the Georgia side of the line is about 1800, while on the Tennessee side it is about 2000 – all rolling-up into Chattanooga’s metro of around 500,000 residents.

Your Lookout Mountain Real Estate Guide believes dreams really do come true – I mean really, live on a mountain, how cool is that?!

We will leave the “state of choice” up to you, but for information here, the Lookout Mountain Real Estate Guide is going to consider the sister cities conjoined!

Adventure and Exploration Await…

Here at Lookout Mountain, you are only about 6 miles, 15 minutes, from downtown Chattanooga. How cool to be so close, yet so remote from the city! All the open air and nature you can imagine with city amenities a stone’s throw away.

Lookout Mountain is famous for a few spectacular attractions that even the locals can’t get enough of:

  • Incline Railway – an amazing one-mile ride from the mountain top down to the town of St. Elmo. See million-dollar views, absorb the history of the area, and enjoy!
  • Ruby Falls – a waterfall underground! Accidentally discovered in 1928 and now a must see. Nature and science combined! Outside the cavern, some zip line action will make memories for a lifetime.
  • Point Park is a beautiful memorial of Civil War history.
  • Battles for Chattanooga Museum is the best starting point for understanding the history of the area and the Civil War battles that ensued.
  • Rock City – gardens, views (see seven states), a swinging bridge, amazing rock formations.
  • Lookout Mountain Club – a private historic golf club with all the amenities (dining, events, tennis, fitness center, pool).

Here’s a cool press release about the Tennessee Titans and their hand in restoring historic barns in the area – this nature mecca means so much to so many!

Along with living here at Lookout Mountain access to trails of every length, level of difficulty, and purpose awaits – the Lookout Mountain Real Estate Guide beckons you to grab your shoes, boots, binoculars, trekking poles, bike, water bottle, friends, and whatever else you might need to enjoy some time in the natural wonders around! Using the All Trails website/app will get you started.

Livability Factors

Your Lookout Mountain Real Estate Guide might be a little biased, but once you check all these boxes, we think you will agree!

  1. Weather/Climate = Check! (mild winters, long summers, colorful falls, bright green springs)
  2. Cost of Living (COL) = Check! (generally speaking, the COL index for the Chattanooga metro area runs at 85-90, making this whole area an excellent price point for home ownership)
  3. Education opportunities = Check! Depending on your state line choice, public schools on the Tennessee side are part of the Hamilton County School District, while on the Georgia side Lookout Mountain is part of the Walker County School District. Both districts focus on the student and integration with the community.
  1. Further education = Check! Loads of options within the nearby larger cities of Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville, and Atlanta. Nearby Covenant College is a small Christian, Liberal Arts College on Lookout Mountain with about 1000 students.
  2. City structures = Check! Lookout Mountain, GALookout Mountain, TN